Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites and Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Although this is probably the first Friday in a long time in which I wish it wasn't Friday!!! I have been a little MIA from my beloved blogging world as life has gotten a little crazy and my hen Gavin's parents flew over from England and we have been vacationing with them. 

I'm happy to be linking up with Amanda 
And Christina, Darci, April and Natasha 

Congratulations to my favorite guy and love of my life on graduating from college! I am so proud of Gavin and loved celebrating his accomplishments! 

My parents and Gavin's parents met for the first time this past week in Florida. Following Gavin's graduation we drove down to my parents vacation condo to introduce all the parents and vacation together! It has been better and far more fun then I ever could have imagined! They have all hit it off amazingly and I couldn't be happier! 
The girls
The guys

We were able to take some romantic lovie sunset pictures the other night and I must say a few of them turned out pretty cute! :) 

We wanted Gavin's parents to experience American sports so we all went to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game! I was so shocked that the field was indoors! It was a little hard to get good pics with the intense lights

Gavin and I have quite the collection of funny photos together so I decided to post a few funnies from our trip so far!

Favorite quote of the week~

We still have three days left of our trip and I hope they go by nice and slow. I love all the time I'm getting with Gavin and both sets of parents. Hope you are all having a wonderful days!! 

Mary xx 

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