Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's in your makeup bag?

So my makeup bag is pretty stuffed and sometimes I can't get it to zip all the way shut. Which made me wonder, what in the world do I have in this thing?!! 

My ever so handy Vera makeup bag!

Let's start with my eyes:
Why do I have soooo many mascaras lol My answer, I need one for every situation whether it be booster, curl, volume, lengthen and extend! See there is a great reason for having so many!!
Then there's my issue with why do I have a million eye liners? My answer, they are the hardest thing to find in my bag so I need multiples. 
No need to defend my brushes they speak for themselves: two eye shadow brushes, eye liner brush, a foundation brush and two bronzed brushes
 I think I'm doing relatively well here! That wand comes in handy to cover up my stupid pimples. Two foundations depending on the season and color of my skin and of course a bronzer!
Eye shadows! Clearly I stick to all natural browns
The randoms! Primer, clear lip gloss, nail clippers and face lotion/sunscreen

Now onto my favs! The products I use all the time!

I recently got these two eyeliners in my Ipsy glam bag and I love them! The Urban Decay velvet pencil has to be the easiest eyeliner to apply! 

What's in your makeup bag?!

Mary xx


  1. LOVE that UD liner for sure :) I totally feel ya on the mascara, I have so many too!

  2. You certainly can fit a lot into your make-up bag!! I'm the same way with mascara and have a few on hand at all times!! I think I have far to many lipsticks and glosses in mine...but is there really ever such a thing?!

  3. I also received the UD liner, I love it!

  4. I'm feeling a little embarrassed at how much stuff I carry around in my bag now. Maybe I should go through it and only keep what I actually use! I've heard a lot of good things about the UD liner. May have to check it out!

    1. It really is the best! And it's waterproof which I love now that it's summer!

  5. adore benefit's hello flawless- I ALWAYS have that!!

  6. Ipsy is the best ever! I noticed we have a lot of the same products that we've gotten from our glambags!


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