Thursday, April 17, 2014

Southern living

I have been living in the South for eight months now! The time has flown by and while I miss my friends and family so much I do love the south. However Im still very much an outsider when it comes to somethings.... I will always be a Midwest girl at heart and apparently in the way I talk.
I decided to make a fun little list of some of things I have learned since moving here:

- When I say or ask for 'pop'no one has a clue as to what I want or mean

-Monograming is huge, everyone has at least a few things monogrammed whether it be shirts, purses, bags, cellphone case, license plate, stickers, jewelry, towels, baby bibs etc. I must admit I do like monograming and just bought a tank top! 

-While I think it sounds so cute and polite I can never for life of me remember to call people ma'am and sir. And when I do remember it sounds so weird to me and makes me think I'm talking to a police officer

-All bars and restaurants close at midnight on Saturday nights as it is against the law to serve any alcohol on Sundays in Georgia

-I can't bring myself to say y'all. While at times I contemplate it I feel like I would be a fake if I did. 

-I talk way way too fast

-I also apparently walk super fast

-There are more people who are passive aggressive compared to the North where you kinda just say it how it is

-Pollen is a horrible horrible thing that makes your nose itch, nose run, sneeze and just makes you miserable

-You can find fried chicken pretty much everywhere

-There are way more fast food choices...My current love-Zaxbys for example

-Everyone is friendly pretty anytime of day

-Cost of living is a lot lot cheaper 

-I have become a baby to the cold weather (Happened so fast!)

-I miss Meijer 

-People bundle there kids up when the temp is in the 60's

-Lots of people love grits, I do not. Lol

-Everytime it rains it seems like it's a tropical storm 

While I miss my home in Michigan I do love it down here. Happy Thursday! Don't forget to enter the April Showers Bring May Flowers giveaway! Today is the last day to enter. 

Mary xx


  1. This post makes me miss the south ;)!!! Xx.

  2. What a fun post. I lived right outside of DC and went further south for college. It took me a year before I would say y'all and now I do it all the time, haha.

    Monogramming is a tad bit whoa in the south. It's everywhere!

  3. I grew up in Ohio & moved to Oklahoma in middle school. I completely get this post!! :)

  4. My husband always teases me because I say "pop" and can't get into the habit of saying anything else!

  5. What a fun list! I can't imagine how different it must be for you!

  6. This list makes me smile :) sure do love the South!!

  7. Haha love this! When my brother visits OK he freezes now, when it's not even cold! He's used to the beach life now :)

  8. This makes me smile!!!! Love the Southern life! :)

  9. I love this post... its crazy to see how different areas do things and what we begin to learn about ourselves!! :) I enjoy following your blog soooo I have nominated you for the Liebster award!! You can find more details at my page: Have a good weekend! :)

  10. Close at midnight?! That is crazy! A lot of bars in Chicago stay open until 4 am.. not that I ever make it that late haha. And I miss Meijer, too!!

  11. haha, love this. I just can't get behind grits. We do love our monogramming, and fried chicken is a food group in its own =) When I went to uni in CO people always commented that I was extremely friendly, ha.

  12. Love this! I need to visit the south someday!

  13. The walking thing is hilarious - because when I go home to visit I feel like I could trample over everyone...must be because I walk everywhere!! Love your list!!

  14. You miss Meijer?! Girl - Publix is way better... Get with the program!! Bless your heart.. ;)


  15. This was fun for another Midwestern girl to read ;) I always think the south seems so charming! I hope you enjoy the differences, and don't miss everything "back home" too much. ;) ... Have a fabulous weekend, Mary!! xo

  16. haha I'm from Aus and living in KY - I can really relate to some of these! have a great weekend!

  17. This was so fun to read! I've always lived in the south, but I think if I ever did live in the north or the midwest or anywhere else really that I'd have a list of these type things as well! Glad to hear you've jumped on the monogram train :) Happy Easter!

  18. i grew up in waycross-think i've told you that before, but anyway, i grew up with ma'am and sir. and then when i moved to atlanta, i found you NEVER say it here and that ppl get offended!! but oh yes, southerners love a monogram.


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