Sunday, March 30, 2014

Favorite things from my MIA week

Life got a little too busy last week and I honestly didn't have the energy to go on Blogger the entire week. But I'm happy to be back today and to start the week by sharing a few of my favorite things I purchased this week 

Time to get fruity
While roaming around Walmart I came across this awesome water bottle that has an infuser in the middle. I have only ever seen big pitchers  with one and have been so tempted to buy one. But my fear was always that the fruit would go bad before I could drink the whole pitcher. And I really hate wasting things. So when I found this water bottle I had to get it and of course buy the pink one! Best part of this awesome find, it only cost $4.50!! 

Organization makes me happy
I have been searching for a bookshelf/organizing cubes for all of my crafting materials and my wallet was not happy with the prices I was seeing. Even with my free shipping in Amazon the prices still were too much. During that stroll through Walmart in which if found my awesome water bottle I found a six cube organizer! Just what I was searching for and what do you know... They have it for like half the cost everyone else did! Double score for Mary!!! I will admit tho, it may look easy to put together but there were definitely some swear words thrown around while Gavin and I built it. At one point we contemplated paying someone to finish it for is. But we somehow finished it! 

Aqua mint is definitely in fashion
I don't know about you but I am loving the aqua mint color this spring and when I found this iPad/iPhone holder at Hobby Lobby for 50% off making it only $5 I had to get it! Seriously Hobby Lobby is my favorite place. I can't believe I only just discovered it this past November! 

So a week or so ago I posted a picture of the Salt and Vinegar Almonds and I am obsessed with. Well this week I found a contender for my favorite flavor, Lime 'n Chili..... you have to try them!! Delish! 

Happy Monday, girl friends!!

Mary xx


  1. Nothing better than organizing, that water bottle is amazing and I must try those almonds. I obsess over lime stuff :)

  2. That water bottle really does sound amazing...I'm always adding lemon slices to my water - but having fruit infused would be fantastic!! I've been looking for a similar shelf, except that i can organize all my purses...i'll have to try walmart!! Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

  3. LOVE that water bottle. Seriously, great walmart find! Xx.

  4. Oh my lordy, Hobby Lobby is seriously the best!!! They have the best things and always seem to be having some kind of sale for 40% or 50% off things! I got some amazing scrapbooking things there!


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