Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Little bit of Everything

I think this is the longest I've gone without posting since I started blogging two months ago. Unluckily the nastiest flu bug hit and Gavin and I along with the whole family I nanny for were it's victims. I cannot honestly recall a time I have ever been so sick in my life. We were all out of commission from late Thursday night until Sunday/Monday. So glad it has finally gone and I pray I never ever have it again! 

On to bigger and better things... Gavin was finally able to find a great job!!!!! This is the best news for us as many know we have been running on just my income and a little help from our parents. (Thank God for them, both sets of parents are amazing!) He is now the Lead Coordinator at Senior life! I couldn't be more proud and happy for him! It has already been so much more fun with him working this week because I actually have someone to talk to while I get ready in the morning and we get to carpool to work. That's another a huge perk... His work is only a half mile away from mine which means lunch dates all the time!! I am one happy girl! 

Now that Gavin has a job I can also begin to seriously decide on my next schooling. I currently have a Bachelors in Business Management. I worked in the corporate world for over two years before I moved to the South; however, I'm not sure if business is for me. If I where to go back for Business the only program that interests me is hospitality management in the realm event planning (Which is hard to get into!)  I find myself wishing I went PreMed in undergrad, as I am currently stuck between choosing the Second Degree Nursing Program or the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. I wish I could just see into the future and know which one to do!  Ahhhh! Can someone else just make the decision for me???? The nursing route is quicker but I would most likely specialize after a year or two working and the physical therapy route will take three straight years which means we have to pick a city we want to be in for that whole time. 

Which brings us to another crossroads! We will for sure be living in Geoegia for another year but after that do we stay South where it's warm or go back up to Michigan where all my family is at?!??

Decisions decisions! Sometimes I hate being a grown up, decisions are hard especially when they will affect the rest of your life. I'm super jealous of everyone who knows what they want to do. Because I have no clue!

Cheers to it being Hump Day and cheers to the flu finally being gone!

Mary xx

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