Monday, February 10, 2014

Spring is in the Air (At least in the South it is)

Such a lovely weekend we had here in South Georgia, with an average temperature around 70. Perfection!

Gavin and I were able to be outside for most of the weekend since we had beautiful weather. The birthday party we went to was wonderful, they had a huge blowup slide and bounce house that all the children loved. We also got to watch the baby that I nanny for smash his cake for his 1st birthday. It was so cute and Gavin had never experience a baby's first birthday so he was quite amused. We finished up our Saturday evening by grilling outside and having a bonfire! 
Sunday was just as lovely and we spent part of the afternoon at Cherokee lake taking a stroll all around the lake. 

I don't know about you but when I feel spring in the air it makes me want to do a big spring clean. Unfortunately for Gavin that means he had to help lol I don't think he finds it quite as fun as I do. We made it a little more fun by playing music we could sing to and opening all the doors to bring in fresh air. We both went through our clothes and were able to get rid of a huge garbage bag full that we plan to donate! All our vinyl floors got a deep clean and we were finally able to make an area just for my crafts so our apartment doesn't look like crafts have exploded all over it! 

While I love love love our little apartment, I can't wait for when we buy a house and I can install permanent organization structures. My dream crafting office will hopefully one day look something like this: 
I also can't wait for a bigger closet! Our clothes are spilling out of ours. Hopefully one day I'll have one of these closets:

Get organized with an old bookcase or they sell small bookcases for around $10 at Target! You can use them in so many ways.
Use it to organize and display your purses:

Or as a shoe rack:

I'm sure most of you have pintetests and dream about closets and being more organized just as I do! While pinning arway one day I came across this great blog with 40 DIY organizing tips for around your home! They are awesome, if you want to check them out you can find them at Two yellow bird 
Happy Monday! 
Mary xx


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    1. I know right! I want one now!! I just wish I was so much more organized than I currently am.


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