Sunday, February 2, 2014

I can't eat another bite!

Fun fact of the day: Super Bowl Sunday is America's second-largest day for consuming food, trailing only Thanksgiving!  And that is exactly what I did! 
Gavin and I were invited to our first Super Bowl party as a couple, so naturally I went crazy in the kitchen and had an excuse to wear my new Vera apron!  A party is the best excuse to go shopping, bake all day and then indulge in everything I've been craving and trying not to eat. 
Since moving to Georgia I have made one good friend who also happens to be the girlfriend of one of Gavin's best mates. We workout at the gym and share many interests an important one being shopping! After a Friday night filled with the most delicious pizza (I'm talking so good that I almost ate half a large pizza) I didn't want to move come Saturday morning. But I will get out of bed to go shopping!! 

I found a bunch of super cute baskets for my BrideToBeBaskets and decided to load up on arts and crafts! So I'll be crafting my little heart out all week!! We finished off our shopping trip with a stop at Walmart for all our baking essentials. 
Sunday afternoon I was posted in the kitchen beside my new friend Myra. Together we made so much food, the boys were in heaven. 
Football Pizza
Football Field of Dips
Pizza rolls and mozzarella sticks (Made healthier with Weight watchers string cheese and rolled in Egg rolls!) 
Baffalo Chicken Dip and Jalapino Popper Dip(The boys dug in before I could take a picture lol) 

The best part of the game however was watching Gavin and his friend cheer on the Seahawks! They are both from England and are accustom to cheering and making up songs in the face of the opposing fans. They started with the cheer, "Peyton give us the ball, Peyton Peyton give us the ball" whichsomehow miraculously resulted in a safety and Peyton Manning throwing an interception. They were so excited they began dancing in front of the TV's! Oh yes! That reminds me these boys didn't have one TV, not even two but THREE TV's set up to view the game! Which they thought was the coolest thing ever. 

Hope your Sunday was as yummy as mine!! It's good to indulge sometimes :) 


  1. Oh my goodness lol, I thought the EXACT same thing about Thanksgiving! I absolutely enjoyed myself last night and I'm certainly looking forward to getting back on track this week! I love me some buffalo chicken dip but I've never had the jalapeño dip - do you have a recipe?! xo

  2. Yes! It's super easy and it's my own cause all the ones I found were to complicated so I improvised and it turned out good! Use one package of 1/3 less fat cream cheese, one cup of 2% sharp cheddar shredded cheese, deseed and chop about 1-1 1/2 cup of jalapeños ( I use the ones in a jar) mix all together and put in baking dish. Layer top with Panko bread crumbs and drizzle melted butter on top. Put in over for 10 mins at 350!!


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