Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Getting fit one day at a time

With spring right around the corner that also means bathing suit season is quickly approaching. I sure don't want to feel like this...

I just started a new yoga class that I am in love with! Since my Mom is in town I am dragging her with me tonight. Always more fun to have a workout buddy. 

Smoothies/Juices- The first step

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the Nutri Bullet and how I became instantly obsessed.  I honestly believe the first step to getting healthy and in shape is your diet. I have been drinking juices 1-2 times a day for the past few weeks and I feel a huge improvement in my health. I have more energy, I'm not as sore after a hard workout, and most importantly for me my knees are not hurting. (I have had 4 knee surgeries) I recently came across a post that claims these following juices are belly flattening.... In all real ness who knows if that's true or total BS but I figure they're worth a try. The low fat ice cream is what throws me off lol 

My go-to juice contains:

-Spinach Leaves
-Fat free light and fit vanilla yogurt
- Apple sauce-no sugar added
- 6 baby carrots
-1 long piece of celery
-As much strawberries, pineapples and mango I can fit

I find it delicious :) You are more than welcomed to share any good juicing recipes you have!

Mary xx


  1. That sounds so good! I haven't really gotten into the juicing/smoothie thing yet but should start! Glad to hear it's helping with your knees - no idea they made so much of a difference!

    1. I honestly didn't either until I was drinking them for a week or so. When I first thought if juices I thought they would taste gross because they are usually a green color but they are actually really tasty


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