Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! I have never been happier that it is Friday.  I'm hoping with it being the end of the week that it will also be the end of my cold.  Now that we are a week into February I am realizing just how busy this month is going to be.  Lots to get done but even more to look forward too!
I am excited to link up with Christina, Darci, Natasha and April for Five on Friday! Thanks ladies!


Yay for the weekend! This is going to be a busy one! Gavin and I have a double birthday party for the little kids I nanny for.  The baby is turning one and the oldest daughter is turning ten.  On that note does anyone know what a ten year old girl would want??? Man, kids are hard to buy for now a days. Any and all ideas are welcome! We also have to print a couple wedding registries and get to buying presents for all the wedding showers we have coming up.  Not that I mind shopping whatsoever!  And shopping always means Starbucks! (We don't have one in our little town but in Tallahassee where all the shopping takes place there is one on every corner!)  I'm pretty sure I might have also signed myself up for a run and kettle ball workout this weekend... curse my over ambitious self sometimes. 


I have been crafting my little heart out this week; (While watching hours and hours of Friends) it turns out you have lots of free time when you're sick and refuse to cook or workout.  This week I have been mainly focusing on chalkboard paint and wine glasses.  I have sets of large wine glasses with the stems painted and sets of tall wine glasses with heart shaped chalkboards.  They can all be found on my Etsy shop today! If you love them spread the word and link :) Etsy Link


I received the book A Suitable Boy by: Vikram Seth for Christmas from Gavin's Dad.  It is a story of India, love, life, doing things your own way or the way your mother wants you to.  When I first unwrapped the book my eyes widened at the length but then I thought about how I usually get so sad when I am about to finish a book which won't happen for awhile with this one! I am not even a quarter of the way through yet but I am greatly enjoying it thus far.  I would definitely recommend it...don't let the length scare you away!


My awesome purchase of the week! I have recently realized that I am obsessed with the color aqua mint or as paint companies like to call it, Sea Breeze.  I also bought three big letters: M, G and C.  For  Gavin's and my initials.  I am hoping to put them near my new sign after I paint them to match! Hoping to finish them this weekend and hang them up.  My question of the day to all of you and to myself is: what do you love? Are you currently doing what makes you happy and what you love? Or are you just doing what makes you the most money or what you're comfortable doing? I challenge you to find what you love and do it! 


Two products I completely swear by that have honestly changed my life.  I know that sounds a bit dramatic but I'm being for real.  I have suffered for as long as I can remember with mild acne.  Depending on what I try my skin alternates between dry and oily.  I tried seeing a dermatologist who proscribed insanely strong and expensive medicine, I tried every major brand of face washes and acne systems and nothing seemed to work.  Well at least not for more than a few weeks. As many people know, every aspect of acne for a lack of a better!!!  
BUT, I finally found a combination that works and has been working for about five months now! I wanted to share it because it really has changed my life and having clear skin has greatly improved my self confidence and view of myself.  

First: I wash my face with Cetaphil bars of soap.  You have to use the bar of soap not the liquid form.  The liquid form is to oily and almost feels like lotion.  It doesn't work for me.  Thankfully stores such as Walmart are starting to see the bars, up until a month ago I have always ordered mine off Amazon. Once you rinse lightly dab your face with a towel till it is dry.

Second: I gently massage H2O+ Face Oasis hydrating treatment into my face.  It is a oil-free marine hydration. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to this product.  I dip the tip of my middle finger into the gel and then dab it all around my face, then i lightly rub it into my skin.  This product is awesome, it is all natural and made of .  I actually received a sample of it with my Ipsy product bag of the month, I loved it so much that I bought a big container of it.  It is unfortunately a little expensive but definitely worth it. 

I highly recommend both these products.  I repeat this routine every morning and every night right before bed.  My only reason for posting these two products is to hopefully help someone else who is fighting the obnoxious and unfair fight against dumb acne.  It's definitely worth a try!

Happy Friday friends! Hope you all have a great weekend and remember to find and do what you love!

~Mary xx 


  1. Love those chalkboard wine glasses!!! Super cute! Happy weekend, pretty girl!

    1. Thanks :) Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. Love the post! Have a great weekend! I'm sorry we didn't end up having our Skype Date this week. I ended up working late every night between coaching and report cards. Love and miss you!

    1. Thanks Britt!! Me too :( can you sometime before you leave for Texas?? Miss and love you too!!

  3. wow, how are you going to have time for all that this weekend!? mom voice: now don't tire yourself out, you don't want to get re-sick. (I did that over Christmas, lame)
    I had acne as a teen and I felt like I had every product thrown at me..I bet my face was just like stop putting all of this on me!!! Now I use philosophy, it is awesome that you found something that works for you!

    1. I have no idea!! I know :/ I better not get resick, you're so right. I prefer boring/relaxing weekends. I am so glad I found this combination, glad you found something that works for you too. I just posted it for others to try if they are still searching! It's a frustrating thing to deal with! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Love love love those wine glasses! So cute! I'm a sucker for anything chalkboard! Have a great weekend :)

  5. Thanks girl!! I am too, I give them to friends as presents and everyone loves them! They are so fun, not to mention I love making them lol Hope you have a great weekend too!!

  6. Aqua and mint is such a pretty combination! You are so creative, those glasses are so cute!


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